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The Arcade Stick box THE BOSS. It´s everything you need to get the best out of each fight, a box tailored to each player made of the best quality acrylic, fully customizable and with an ideal size and weight for the toughest fights. Constructed of 5 and 4mm thick for the top and bottom pannels and 3mm for the side pannels acrylic with almost infinite customization settings, various colors and different button and stick layouts that will make it impossible for you not to find your own. Double panels on the side pieces to be able to accommodate the art that you most want or also opaque colors to give it a unique touch. All sides are finished in puzzle pattern for the greatest consistency and durability. Different configurations of auxiliary buttons at the request of the customer, as well as 2 different depths to accommodate the deepest sticks such as the Korean ones. 8 different layouts to choose from, as well as being able to customize yours upon request at no additional cost. Stainless screws to avoid corrosion problems with hand sweat, all our sticks have built-in mounting holes for Brook PCBs as standard, being possible to customize these for each client. King size 45cm x 25cm fits perfectly on the lap or on a table with the  rubber feet included . If you are looking for a box that suits your needs as a player, look no further and get a THE BOSS. Once the purchase is made, you will be able to customize the color of all the panels that make up the box and you will receive a template in Photoshop format if you wish to make the art tailored to the chosen layout.

(The default prices are set with Sanwa Obsc opaque buttons of course other options available, ask for it!!)

-RP2040 boards are now available with Mayflash magicboots passtrough inside, PS5 compatible at stunning pricess!!!!

-Brook Zero pi for Switch Pc compatibility.

-Brook Ps3/Ps4+ for Ps3/PS4/Pc compatibility.

-Brook Ps3/Ps4+/Up5 for Ps3/PS4/Ps5/Pc compatibility.

-Brook Xbox fighting board for all Xbox compatibility.

-Brook ufb for All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4 & PC compatibility.

-Brook Fusion  for All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4/ps5 & PC compatibility.

-More Brook boards available ask for it.

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Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 42,5 × 25 × 6 cm

PS3/PS4/PC, PS4/PS5/Switch/PC, Xbox One/Xbox Series/PC, PC/Switch, all xbox/switch/ps3/ps4 & PC, all xbox/switch/ps3/ps4/Ps5 & PC, PS4/PS5/Switch/PC/RP-2040


Made by Customer, Battle Monkey artwork service, The Arcade Stick artwork service

Enclosures shapes

Blade, Standard, Hardcore, X

Buttons on top pannel

Clear +30Euros, standart