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Email us at to set all possible customisation before buying!!! 

The package contains the Black Slim controller and a Usb Cable.
Our lightest controller, The Black Slim. Designed to lighten the weight but leave the comfort intact to spend long hours playing, the main body is only available in Black, with the possibility of choosing the art from those available by default, as well as the possibility of customizing it to your liking. Assembled with components of the best quality as every of our builds, full Sanwa action buttons and encoders from the famous and reputable Brook. Our new design with 3d printed pillars with a unique texture and brutal strength. The total measurements of this Black Slim remain only at 40x20x4.2cm and with a weight of only 1550 grams, this being more than half as light as our The Boss. The base price is with the Zero Pi board compatible with PC and Nintendo Switch. For the other options you can choose on the personalization tab.

(The default prices are set with Sanwa Obsc opaque buttons of course other options available, ask for it!!)

3D pillars available in some colors ask about them.

-RP2040 boards are now available with Mayflash magicboots passtrough inside, PS5 compatible at stunning pricess!!!!

-Brook Zero pi for Switch Pc compatibility.

-Brook Ps3/Ps4+ for Ps3/PS4/Pc compatibility.

-Brook Ps3/Ps4+/Up5 for Ps3/PS4/Ps5/Pc compatibility.

-Brook Xbox fighting board for all Xbox compatibility.

-Brook ufb for All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4 & PC compatibility.

-Brook Fusion for All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4/ps5 & PC compatibility.

-More Brook boards available ask for it.


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Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 4,5 cm

PS3/PS4/PC, PS4/PS5/Switch/PC, Xbox One/Xbox Series/PC, PC/Switch, All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4 & PC, All Xbox/Switch/Ps3/Ps4/Ps5 & PC, PS4/PS5/Switch/PC/RP-2040


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Black Slim, Slim-X